NYANBOARD Series 6000mAh

NYANBOARD external battery replicates the popular Japanese animated Nyanboard character and is adorned with cute cat ears! Available in six different styles; Chatora, Hachiware, Kijitora, Kuro, Mike, Shiro. Don’t be afraid to go on a long walk with your smartphone again, take your favorite Nyanboard with you and never miss a beat!

Compact · Powerful - Though compact and cute, the charging function on the Nyanboard is amazing! It will charge an iPhone 7 approximately 2 times, Galaxy S6 about 1.5 times, iPad mini 4 up to 0.7 of its full charge. For both Danboard fans and cat lovers, Nyanboard is an excellent gem for those who are considering a new mobile battery!

High Speed Charge Support - AUTO - IC function automatically recognizes connected devices, and the optimum current flows for each device. The maximum output is 2.4 A making it possible quick charge each device. Also, with a 2A adapter, the main unit only takes 3.5 hours to fully charge.

Safety design - Flame retardant material is used for the plastic case, board, and rest of the main body. If the battery is ever overcharged, over discharged, or generating heat, the automatic stop function turns on keeping the unit safe!

Signature Ears - The cat ears are made of silicon, so it does not hurt even if you hit it. The feeling is reminiscent of a cat's paws having a mysterious power that makes you want to casually touch it. For details of product specifications please see the bottom of this page.