GRIP 4 5200mAh

cheero, a name regularly near top of the mobile battery rankings, have released the cheero Grip 4 52000mAh! The design has undergone a complete transformation since the popular cheero Grip 3! It now has a luxurious design with a leather-like texture and pop colors.

There are three color variations: white, mint blue, and pink. How about collecting all the colors and choosing which to use depending on your mood each day?

It weighs about as much as a smartphone and fits easily in your hand with its compact size. It may be small, but it stores enough energy to fully charge an iPhone6 twice over. It is perfect both for everyday use and longer journeys!

It contains an LED light, just in case the power goes out, or you need it when you are out at night. Press the button twice to turn the light on or off.

It also has an AUTO-IC function to automatically recognize the device attached to it and use the perfect electric current for that device. There are two USB ports for output, so you can charge two devices at once.